Legal Info

The organiser of the draw is:
Mrs. Joanne Cameron
Coach Road Lodge, East Lancashire Road, Knowsley, Merseyside, L34 8HJ
Tel: 07921 075495

The draw is open ONLY to Northern Newfoundland Club members

50/50 Prize Draw

How it works

50% of the entry money will be paid as a single prize and 50% will go to Club funds. For example, with 100 participants in a month the prize would be £50.00 with £50.00 to the Club.

Entry for 6 draws is £6.00 or for 12 draws is £12.00. The minimum entry is for six monthly draws.

You may join the draw at any time and your number(s) will be included in the next monthly draw after clearance of payment. Cheques should be sent to Joanne payable to Northern Newfoundland Club. We are happy to accept payments by PayPal (see below) but there is a small surcharge as we have to cover the fees PayPal charge to us.

Winners will be contacted either by email or by letter and winning numbers and names will be published here and in the Newfletter. The winner will be paid by cheque from the Treasurer.

Members will be notified when their credit is running out in order to renew. If not renewed, their number(s) will be re-allocated.

On the 28th of each month a winning number will be drawn using A copy of this monthly draw document is available, on request.

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