Role Contacts

Welfare Coordinator

Michelle Jenkins
Tel: 07766 797257
Puppy Liaison Officer
John Austin
John Austin
Tel: 07484 637090
Newfletter Editor
Rachel Hutchinson
Tel: 07718 740756
Steve Hietschold
Steve Hietschold
Tel: 0161 456 1890
Membership Secretary

Jacqui Price
Tel: 01745 888009
John Evans

Club President

John Evans

John has been involved in the breed since 1983 when he got his first Newfie, and together with his wife Rose, he has had a successful show career. They are dedicated Newfoundland owners who will do anything for the health and well being of this wonderful breed.

John previously served the committee as Vice Chairman for 6 years before having to stand down due to work commitments. John & Rose still have two vereran dogs at home and can be seen regularly at shows as well as working events. They also help out with welfare when needed.

John is honoured to be the new President of The Northern Newfoundland Club.

Main Committee

John Lloyd
John Lloyd - Chairman
Tel: 01978 790469
Jill Barker
Jill Barker - Hon. Secretary
Tel: 01283 703283
Rose Evans - Show Judges List Co-ordinator
Tel: 01530 260280
Stella Baxter
Tel: 01162 870077
Helen Hudson
Tel: 07817 936551
Michelle Jenkins
Tel: 07766 797257
Steve Hietschold
Steve Hietschold - Vice Chair & Webmaster
Tel: 0161 456 1890
Lynsey Davies
Lynsey Davies - Hon. Treasurer
Tel: TBC
John Austin - Puppy Liaison Officer
Tel: 07484 637090
Ruth Dickinson
Tel: 07815 016085
Dani Ball
Tel: 07860 212917
John Turner
Tel: 0151 677 5647

Show team members:
Jill Barker (Show Manager), Stella Baxter, Margaret Cox, Rose Evans and Jacqui Woodhall

Working Section Sub-committee

Lisa Slater - Chair
Tel: 07841 433697
Rebecca Trueman - Secretary
Tel: 07946 582422
Paul Dickinson
Steve Long
Vin Whiting - Vice Chair
Tel: 01909 723431
Judith Johnson
Jo Beston
Tel: 01527 835609

Judges Co-ordinator:
Paul DeCouto